The life cycle of cats

Moo Cat has been as happy as I’ve ever seen her lately. Purring loud and long (she goes through other periods where she’s perpetually irked, annoyed and disgruntled, ha ha — poor dear). . . The weirdest thing is, me and Moo Cat are now the same age. She recently turned 13, which is about 65 in human years, just like me. So we’re now both a couple of bona fide senior citizens. . . It’s weird, because when she first showed up at my campsite in 2008 she was a 2-month old kitten. And now she’s finally caught up to me. And soon she’ll be lapping me.

It’s one of the fascinating things about watching cats. They go through the same basic life cycles as humans: birth, baby, teen, adult, middle-age, elderly, death. Only at warp speed. So you can witness all the life cycles playing out, multiple times over the years, in this compressed form. . . A 20-year-old cat is about the equivalent of a 90-year-old man. So (if my math is right) cats age at nearly 5 times the rate of humans.

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