A rough night for Mini Scaredy

Poor Mini Scaredy, she’s having a rough night. The wind is howling across the Berkeley hills louder than I’ve ever heard it (even I’m getting a little concerned I might get conked on the head by a falling branch). . . Mini Scaredy will hang out with me for awhile until the noise gets too intense, and she freaks out and goes running off into the woods in fear. . . 20 minutes later she’ll creep back to my campsite, crying and crying. I’ll try to console her. She’ll hang out for awhile until she freaks out again and goes running off. . . 20 minutes later she’ll return again, crying and crying. . . She’s repeated this pattern around 10 times already. The problem is, there’s really nowhere where she can go to escape from the wind. The howling and crashing sounds are everywhere.

It’s gonna be a long night for Mini Scaredy.

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