I can be a bit prickly

I’ve got a side of my character, unfortunately, that I’d describe as “prickly.” That is ever-ready to “take offense.” Let’s just say that “righteous indignation” is a state that comes naturally to me. I’ll give you an example:

I was just walking down the street. And when I got to the crosswalk, I’ve got the green light and a big WALK sign in front of me. But right before I get to the crosswalk, this car that is blasting down the adjacent street, pulls right into the crosswalk in front of me. He wants to make a right-hand turn and he’s obviously in a big, big hurry, because he’s no doubt in the middle of taking care of some Very Important business (sure!). Which is why he felt the need to cut in front of me. From my point of view, he’s breaking the law. I have the right-of-way here. While he’s required to come to a complete stop before he enters the crosswalk. Bottom line: I am right. And he is wrong. And I want to let him know it.

So I step out into the crosswalk. With a certain amount of insecurity. Because I’m not sure if this asshole is in such a hurry that he just might plow into me and run me over anyways. So I step out into the crosswalk — actually I can’t step into the crosswalk because the front of his car is occupying that entire space — so I have to step partially into the street just to be able to walk around his car. And as I’m doing so, I’m glaring at him the entire time, as he sits there behind his windshield, to silently, but assuredly, communicate the message: “I am right. You are wrong.”

And then I went on my way.

It’s just a little thing, that’s for sure. But that kind of shit is running around in my brain ALL the time. God help me.

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