Dream #3

After two bad nightmares in a row, I have a third dream. In this dream I’m on a Hollywood movie set with all these other actors and we’re rehearsing this song in this big musical production number. I’m alongside the leading lady, this young woman who’s like a young Judy Garland and she’s belting out this song like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or “Somewhere” (from Westside Story) — one of those big over-the-top theatrical numbers but really well done. Then we’re all marching together down this big hill as the director is filming us, and I whisper to the actress that she’s doing great and this could make her a big star. . . In the end of the dream, the basketball player Kobe Bryant is setting up this trick pool shot. With one shot he manages to get all the balls into the holes except for one ball. Didn’t quite get that one. It’s still a pretty impressive shot. Kobe gives me a funny, enigmatic look and then walks off.

I wake up. That dream was OK. Nothing painful or traumatic. Just a little artificially show bizzy. It’s now 1:30 in the afternoon and I get up to start my day.

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