The 3 stages of an artist’s life

This popped up today on the internet for 30 bucks. Which is a little over-priced if you ask me. But who knows. . .
It occurred to me that artists and writers go through three basic stages: 1.) You start out kind of dynamic doing work that captures the spirit of the times you live in. 2.) Then you go through a period where you’re a “has-been” and your work is as exciting as yesterday’s newspapers. 3.) Then, if you last long enough, you end up a “legend” and your stuff becomes “collectible.”
Ha ha.

One thought on “The 3 stages of an artist’s life

  1. That kind of item is becoming very collectible by now , there is an auction house out your way called PBA Galleries and they are often selling a lot of the guys you talk about – Crumb, Bukowski, etc.


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