Ginger Coyote

Ginger Coyote in front of San Francisco City Hall at a Mutants concert, 1980 (how many cultural signposts can you cram into one photo?).

Ginger Coyote was (and still is) an enigmatic character within the San Francisco punk rock scene (that’s assuming there still is a San Francisco punk rock scene). I never met her, but I interviewed her once by mail in 1983 for an issue of Twisted Image. She was like the ultimate scenester, legendary as one of the earliest denizens of the Mabuhay underground scene. As well as publishing an endless series of issues of her monthly punk rock magazine PUNK GLOBE (peak circulation 25,000 copies) — which always focused on the fun side of the scene, as well as the gossipy side — and yet never with any malice like so many other of the gossip rags (Ginger was always kind-hearted towards all). Obsessed with celebrity on kind of an Andy Warhol level — Ginger Coyote was someone you could imagine equally at home kibitzing with Jello Biafra or Joan Rivers (who, now that I think of it, were both probably more alike than dissimilar). . . Enigmatic in the sense that Ginger had totally re-created herself as an “image” and a “persona” and was so immersed within that, that you never considered the “real” person that might be lurking behind the image. And it was almost rude to even go there.

Ginger Coyote. A San Francisco original.

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