My Troubles With LSD

This popped up on the internet tonight. A graphic from a cartoon I did about my LSD experiences back in 1988..… . . I used to do acid all the time when I was a young man. As well as a lot of magic mushrooms. And I even did fresh peyote a couple of times. All in all I probably did about 300 psychedelic trips over a period of 25 years before I finally quit it for good in 1997.

What can I say. I was into it. I thought I was “expanding my consciousness.” I thought I was having “spiritual experiences.” I thought I might even be able to see God. Or attain satori. And even on the trips when I was mostly just swirling around in a state of hyper-confusion, I still thought of it as a form of psychological therapy — like an intense psycho-drama and confrontation with my inner self. And even when it wasn’t even that, it was usually at least good for kicks. And the music always sounded better when I was tripping. It was like there was this other thing, this other dimension to the music — this ethereal haunted cosmic sound that acid added to the music.

Eventually I concluded I wasn’t expanding my mind. I was just deranging my mind. Or if I WAS expanding it, it was like how you expand a rubber band when you really stretch it, and it’s usually a little less pliable after each stretching. . . And the “spiritual insights” and “revelations” I was having while tripping — I ultimately concluded they were like winning the lottery in your dreams when you’re sleeping at night. You can’t cash the check in the morning when you wake up. And my spiritual insights in the tripping state never really translated into any kind of spiritual wisdom in my normal state of consciousness. After I came down. I guess they were basically just “pipe dreams” in the end.

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