Thinking about thinking

It’s hard to say anything about anything, really…. I mean, every subject is so convoluted and complicated, that if you want to make a statement that comes to some kind of conclusion, there’s ALWAYS some secondary statement that would dispute it, or contradict your original statement.

If you say something really simple and basic and clear, it’s probably an over-simplification.
On the other hand, if you try to delve into the convoluted nuances of an issue, you just bore people with the gray areas of the issue.

What the human mind mostly craves is simple, basic verities. THIS is what is going on. THIS is the truth. Black-or-white pronouncements. That settles things once and for all. So we don’t have to think about it beyond that point. We just want these things settled in our minds.

It’s why religious fundamentalism. And political ideologues. Will always be popular. It saves us the annoying trouble of having to think this shit through, over and over.

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