Cat-eyed cutie

Cats’ eyes are fascinating (at least to me). When Mini Scaredy first greets me in the morning, the sun isn’t up yet and it’s still a bit dark. Which gives her eyes this big, round “Keane eyes” look, like those paintings of the big-eyed waifs. Giving her this real dreamy look. . . But by the time the sun is shining, her eyes have morphed into these tiny slits, giving her this sharp, alert look, with a dash of danger and mystery to it, like a lioness on the prowl. It’s like she has two different faces.

When I was younger I had a crush on this woman who had these big, beautiful, mysterious eyes. In my head I used to describe her as a “cat-eyed cutie.” Of course I never said that to her directly, because it might have come across as a bit offensive, as well as a little corny. . . Speaking of eyes, when I was in high school I got saddled with the slightly derogatory nickname “Lead Lids.” Because whenever we smoked pot, my eyes would get heavily lidded and I would look very noticeably stoned. . . As far as I know, nobody ever called me a “cat-eyed cutie.”

It would be fascinating to get inside a cat’s head and see what the world looks like through their eyes. I bet it looks a lot different than what we would imagine.

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