Feeding Moo Cat

This morning Moo Cat gobbled down an entire 8-ounce package of (Chicken, Pork & Beef) Baloney. And she would have gobbled down even more baloney if I had more. She was just getting started. . . It’s probably not good for her to eat so much baloney. But there’s another rainstorm coming in tonight, so I probably won’t see her for a couple days, and the baloney would have just gone bad if I didn’t off-load it. . . So what the hell. Plus, I like to SPOIL my cats. It’s not like I eat a balanced diet of broccoli and wheat germ, either. If you know what I mean. So why should my cats??

Moo Cat is the most fun to feed of all my cats. Because she seems to get so much pleasure from eating (she’s like Snoopy when Charlie Brown shows up with the food dish, dancing and shouting “SUPPER TIME!!”). When I first show up with the food in the morning, Moo Cat is literally jumping for joy, jumping all over me, and digging her head into my backpack searching for the treats. . . And when she’s done eating, she lies in top of me with a big, fat tummy, purring like crazy.

It’s like I get a vicarious kick out of the whole deal.

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