The Sex Lives of Famous People

Seeing what else is for sale on-line with my old stuff in it. . . SNICKER was a really well put-together comics tabloid from St. Louis in the 1990s. This issue features such luminaries as Drew Friedman and Mark Newgarden. And has two full-page cartoons by me. “The Sex Life of Madonna” and “The Sex Life of J. Edgar Hoover.” Ha ha. If you can imagine. I had to crank out a porn comic every month to help pay the bills, and after awhile it got to be a chore. So when I was running low on ideas I’d just research the sex life of a famous person. And I did a series of those. They were actually some of my better cartoons (especially when you had a totally-conflicted, sexually-perverse specimen like J. Edgar Hoover). And I did other strips on the sex lives of Ted Kennedy, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Mohammad Ali, Andy Warhol, Larry Flyntt, Lucille Ball, buncha’ others I forget.

Anyways, this thing is going for 125 bucks.

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