The David Prescott Barrows statue

If you’re wondering about the saga of the statue of David Prescott Barrows, they finally got around to removing it from the lobby of the building. And they stashed the head somewhere, wherever it is that they stash heads like that. . . I was just walking down the hallway of the building this afternoon on my way to use the restroom when I got stopped by a cute young co-ed:

“Excuse me, do you know the name of this building?” she said.
“Yeah. It used to be Barrows Hall,” I said, “but they changed it to something generic like the Social Science Hall or something like that.”
“How long have you been in Berkeley?” she said.
“Way too long,” I said. . .
At first I assumed she was just a lost freshman looking for directions. But it turned out she was doing a survey for some kind of report or article. She started to ask me more questions, but I cut her off and bid her a fond adieu. She was so wholesome looking, I felt embarrassed just talking to her. Plus, I had to use the restroom.

In a related aside, I noticed in the news the other day that they had just built a statue of Huey Newton in Oakland. To go with all the George Floyd statues and the Oscar Grant statue, and etc. . . And I’m sure in future political climes they’ll find reasons to take those statues down, too. So it goes. . .

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