Life is full of odd synchronicity. . . The frontpage of the Berkeley Voice newspaper in 1998, an article about Telegraph Ave, I just happened to get caught in the shot as I strode into Cody’s Books. Behind me is our vending table where Duncan is selling the latest issue of the Telegraph Street Calendar. Ray Winters is on the other side of Duncan at his vending table selling his Star Stix and smoking his marijuans. The woman sitting on the curb is an 18-year-old runaway named Crash, who I didn’t know at the time but what later go on to have many bizarre and surreal scenes with. And near the wall is that legendary Cody’s payphone, which is long gone, just like just about everything else in the photo. . . Doing the math in my head, I guess I was 42 at the time. All gone gone gone. . .

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