Big sale on tuna fish at Walgreens

Little things can really piss me off. They can even ruin my morning. Which is ridiculous. Because they are just little things, after all. But still. . .

I go to Walgreens and they got a good deal on tuna fish. 4 for $5. My cats love the stuff, so I grabbed them. . . But as the cashier is ringing them up, it sure looks like he’s charging me for each can. As I was about to leave, I iooked at my receipt and sure enough he charged me $1.99 per can.

“I thought these were 4 for $5,” I said.

“Oh oh,” he said.

He calls for the manager over the intercom who comes over to the counter. And I explain my grievance. He speaks with a heavy accent, and he’s not particularly fluent in English, plus he’s wearing a mask over his mouth, and there’s a plastic partition between us, oh, and I have lousy hearing. So I can barely understand a word he’s saying. But I can understand enough to know that he’s telling me that he’s charging me $1.99 each. I wouldn’t have even bought the damn things in the first place if they weren’t on sale because I’m cheap (“thrifty” if you want to be nice about it). And I’m doing the math in my head — they charged me $7.96 instead of $5 so I’m gypped for like 3 bucks.

“The price tag on the aisle clearly says ‘4 for $5.’ You should change that,” I said.

He says something else I can’t understand, but I can understand enough to tell me he’s just feeding me a line of bullshit. I think the deal was that they HAD been on sale but they just hadn’t bothered to change the sign. But who knows. The only word I understood was when he kept repeating, “Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.” So I just turned and stormed out in a huff (I suppose I could have just got my money refunded, but I was already looking forward to feeding my cats tuna tomorrow, so I nixxed that idea).

Later, just as I was starting to build up a good head of righteous indignation at the injustice of the whole thing, I took another look at my receipt and noticed that they had also only charged me $2.99 for the box of Granola Almond Crunch bars I had bought (my squirrels love em!). They’re usually $5 but it turned out they WERE on sale (and of course they hadn’t posted the correct price about that on the aisle, either). So I got burned for $3 but then ended up saving $2. . .So what the hell.

And as I always remind myself as I’m experiencing the ups and downs of life: It’s another case of, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”

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