I had a terrible dream just last night.
I dreamed that I was walking down the hallway in my house and as I was about to reach the end of the hallway a bunch of people started peaking their heads around the corner from the end of the hallway. I then realized that these weren’t just people but they were all or most of my dead relatives. I then realized what this meant that I was walking towards my own death. I then turned and started to run down the hallway in the opposite direction screaming at the top of my lungs. Except that I was actually screaming out loud in my sleep. It was loud enough to wake up my wife who was sleeping in another room. She woke me up to ask me if I was ok. When I awoke I was totally out of breath and exhausted.

One thought on “Draft

  1. very weird and vivid dreams lately, i should write them down, used to do that but stopped. We had a lot of fires here lately including arson, keeps us on our toes this area. And the news of afghanistan wonderful news these days.


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