The return of Scaredy Cat

I couldn’t believe it. It’s well after midnight and I’m taking a short break by the football stadium before I head up to my campsite, when I hear this cat meowing at me from the distance. Could it be?? The long lost Scaredy Cat?? It is! When she comes out of the shadows I can see it’s her. I’m amazed she still recognizes me after all this time since I havent seen her in over a year-and-a-half (which is a long time in the life of a feral cat). And has the courage to approach me in the dark. She meows some more as she cautiously approaches me. I fumble in my pack for some food. I wish I had some meat but I do have a bag of dry cat food. I dump some out on the ground, which she starts eating. I also had some cheddar cheese. She gobbled down a big block of that. And I had a little milk. After awhile she mustered the courage to jump up on the bench where I was sitting. I petted her a few times. But she was definitely skittish. After finishing off some more cheddar cheese, she slipped through the chain fence and disappeared into the football stadium.

Scaredy Cat. 6 years old and she looked in fine shape. Surviving. Hopefully I’ll see her again tomorrow night.

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