Disturbing dream

Disturbing dream (as so many dreams involving my family usually are). … I’m living in a house with my little brother. He’s behaving in a way that I consider to be disruptive, so I tell him he has to leave the household. He leaves, walking out the front door into the rain without a jacket or even shoes on. I realize he’s completely unprepared to deal with being homeless, so I grab a sleeping bag and some shoes to give to him and chase after him. I spend a long time looking for him at various haunts from my childhood — the church we used to go to, the playground outside the high school, etc. — but can’t find him anywhere. Finally I spot him sitting alone at a booth in McDonald’s. Some streetperson, this hustler/con-man, is trying to run some number on him. I realize my brother is completely naive to the ways of the streets. I run the con-man off and stand there beside my brother. The dream ends like that, unresolved.

Trudge down the trail to feed Moo Cat, feeling “off” like I do when I have a disturbing dream with heavy psychological implications from my past. Moo Cat eats a big breakfast then lies down on top of me purring loudly. It’s like she’s perfectly content now that her belly is full, and all she asks out of life at this point in order to achieve total happiness is a soft place to lie down on. Which she finds with my beer belly, which is a fairly comfortable spot to take a nap.. . Sometimes I’m envious of cats and their relatively small brains.

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