A weird dream (aren’t they all?)

Weird dream last night (this one’s a little gross so if you’re squeamish you might wanna skip it)…..

I walk into the lobby of this big building and I suddenly have to poop. So I get down on my hands and knees and poop right there. I manage to catch most of the poop in my hands so it doesn’t make a mess on the floor, but some of it does land in the floor. Clint Eastwood (of all people) happens to be walking by me and looks at me sternly and angrily rebukes me for making a mess. I assure Clint I’ll clean it up, and pick up the rest of the poop and walk off down the hallway in search of a restroom. . . Finally, after going in and out of many rooms, I find a restroom, it even comes with a little shower stall, which is ideal. I start to take off my clothes so I can clean myself up, when these four hospital orderlies come in carrying a human cadaver on a stretcher. They need to use the restroom to conduct some kind of scientific experiment on the cadaver. So I have to leave. . . I wander in and out of several more rooms (there’s a Broadway show going on in one of the rooms) until I run into this guy who keeps staring at me with this mischievous little smile on his face. He’s reciting this poetry at me. The poem is vaguely familiar but I can’t quite place it. Finally I realize it’s the lyrics to the song “My Way.” We both start singing it together in harmony, “I faced it all, and I stood tall. And I did it MY-Y-Y way!” (singing my part like Sid Vicious’ punk rock version)

I wake up. Look at Mini Scaredy, who’s lying there on my blankets. I tell her about the dream. Ask her what she thinks it means. She thinks about it for a moment, and then says, “Meow.”

One thought on “A weird dream (aren’t they all?)

  1. I quite enjoyed the dream. HAHA. But Clint Eastwood? Truly a bad time to make a mess of yourself in Clint’s presence. It felt like watching different genres of movies. Loved it. Also, the cat, probably the best thing about this post. Haha.


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