Street people can seem like characters out of your dreams

You meet a lot of strange and unusual characters on the street scene. Many of them are somewhat surreal, like characters out of your dreams. They often have an exaggerated quality, they are the antithesis of the buttoned-down “normal”-type characters you meet in the 9-to-5 world or in conventional settings. Maybe “normal” people are just as weird behind their facades, but with street people their masks are off and their weirdness is on full display.

There is often something extreme and off-kilter about street people, in both their manner and their dress. They are like square pegs in round holes, they often end up on the streets precisely because they don’t fit in anywhere else. And, like the characters in your dreams, they often pop up suddenly in your life for no apparent reason, and then disappear just as suddenly, like ghosts never to be seen again.
Here’s a short story about one such character, this young woman I met on the Arcata Plaza street scene.

A strange young woman appears on the Arcata street scene

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