My good deeds for the day

“Who was that masked man?”
“I don’t know, but he left behind a silver bullet and an empty bottle of Olde English malt liquor!!”

I did two little good deeds this morning as I was walking down from my campsite.

First, I happened to spot this brightly-colored, multi-colored scarf, with “CLASS OF 2021” written on it lying on the sidewalk. It was very pretty, which is why I picked it up and grabbed it. Up ahead I spotted this large group of nicely-dressed people — they looked like a family with a female college student in the middle of the scene getting her picture taken. I figured the scarf might be there’s so I held it up as I passed them. “Oh that’s OURS!” said one of the women taking the scarf. “Thank you SO much!!” . . . For all I know, the thing will be a cherished memento that they’ll keep lying around with all their other crap for the next 20 years. So I saved the day. Ha ha.

Then as I passed this fraternity house, this young guy was walking out the front door. There was some kind of a big construction project going on on the front porch, and the guy had to duck under this long aluminum plank to walk down the front steps. But as he did so he bumped the plank with his backpack, knocking it off of the whole construction set-up. So the plank is precariously balanced on top of his back as he’s crouched down there in the middle of the stairway, and now he’s pinned like that, he can’t make a move or else the plank will roll off his back and the whole construction set-up with come crashing down. “Need a hand?” I said. “Yeah could you hold up the end of the plank?” I did so. And he was able to twist around and grab the other end of the plank and put it back in it’s proper position. “Thanks!” he said. Ace Backwords, hero of the hour.

It’s weird because I might go months without doing any good deeds. So to do two in a row in quick succession was a little odd. . . I guess it just goes to show I’m a great man after all. Ha ha.

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