I worry about my feral cats they’re my little babies

Fatty was a no show for the fifth day in a row. And the last couple of weeks she’s only shown up twice. And when she did show up, she seemed listless, didn’t have much of an appetite, just sort of picked at her food. And — most concerning — she wasn’t very social. She left right after eating (usually she’s very affectionate, and hangs out with me for as long as I’m there, and often even chases after me when I leave and tries to block the trail to prevent me from leaving her, ha ha).

It could be nothing. Maybe she’s just worn out from the long, cold winter, and taking it easy now. Or it could even be that she’s found a new food source. Or, it could be she’s sick. . .

Cats are mysterious creatures. And I do a lot of guessing when it comes to their moods and behaviors.

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