There are so many nuts in this world

The nut who’s been coming back here every night, late at night, to use the garden hose behind me at the Golden Bear restaurant is back. You can see him back there, bending over at the water faucet, with his skinhead and shirtless torso. I’m not sure exactly what he’s doing with the garden hose. Apparently he goes back there to wash himself and wash his clothes. And flood the patio in the process.

Yesterday the restaurant took the handle off the faucet, specifically to prevent this nut from flooding the place. But does the nut get the hint?? HELL NO!! Apparently he’s found some way to turn the faucet on anyway, even without the handle — he’s got a wrench or some other tool that allows him to pry open the faucet anyways.

Some people really take the prize.

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