Things I write when I’m drunk, part 3

It took me awhile to realize what the scam was that they were running at Extra Space Storage. I’m slow. I admit it. The company where I’ve been storing all my boxes of stuff for the last 13 years. The SCUMBAGS at Extra Space Storage, I might add.

What they do is they rope you into storing all your stuff at their space by offering you a fairly reasonable rent. But what they DON’T tell you is that they are going to be RAISING the rent every 9 months for as long as you’re in there. You don’t find out about THAT unt later when your boxes and boxes of stuff are stored in their lockers.

At first you just think it’s a “cost of living” increase. But as they keep relentlessly jacking up the rent of your storage locker year after year. You finally, belatedly, realize what the scam is. They are going to keeping gouging you for as much money as they can squeeze out of you.. Like the parasitic blood-sucking leeches that they are. Or until you’re finally able to escape from their clutches and move all of your stuff out of there.

But if you CAN’T do that. If you get overwhelmed by their “loan shark” practices and can’t afford to keep up with their ever-rising rents. They end up re-possessing all of your stuff, all of your possessions in your storage locker . Which they can then re-sell for a big profit.

So they work it at both ends. Bleeding you for ever escalating rent. And then if you can’t keep up with the rent they take all of your stuff.

They are so bile it’s sickening to even think about them. Extra Space Storage.

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