Cat fights

Mini Scaredy is so jealous. She came down to Moo Cat’s feeding spot this morning just to mess with her. Right now they’re both hissing and growling at each other like there’s no tomorrow. Tough guys! Moo Cat knows as long as she holds her ground and doesn’t run, Mini Scaredy likely won’t attack her. But if Moo Cat runs, Mini Scaredy’s chase instinct will kick in and she’ll run Moo up a tree.

Later, when I get back to my campsite, Mini Scaredy will ignore me, she’ll walk right by me with her head in the air and a look on her face like: “So! I see you’ve been seeing OTHER cats!” Ha ha. Cats.

It appeals to my male ego to have the dames fighting over me. But it’s mostly a pain in the ass. And I wish my feral cats could all get along. But it’s unlikely.

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