Life is a problem

For some reason I was just thinking: “Life is always a problem.”

There’s always some problem — some bullshit — you have to deal with tomorrow. It never ends. It might be a mundane problem (“I need to go to the dentist tomorrow to deal with this aching tooth-ache.”). Or it could be I’m out of clean underwear and I gotta deal with buying some new pairs tomorrow. Or it could be more serious — I’m just sitting here trying to relax and get some pleasure from my life but this fucking cop car keeps circling around me and it seems likely he’s going to add further problems to my life at some juncture.

I suppose we never reach that position where we resolve all of our problems and live Happily Ever After. I guess the best we can hope for is momentary moments of peace. You resolve one problem. And you get a few moments of peace. Before you have to deal with the NEXT problem.. It never really ends I guess.

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