Getting into arguments on Facebook

Believe it or not, I made a concerted effort over the last year to avoid getting into Facebook arguments. Something I’ve only been partially successful at. Ya know? Those exchanges that turn into angry insult-fests. Or the ones where you’re arguing apples and the other person is arguing oranges and you end up at loggerheads in a state of pointless frustration. It always just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

But the argument I got suckered into this afternoon truly takes the cake. I got suckered into an argument about my feral cats, of all things. I could understand if I made a post about politics or about Trump or something like that — there’s a good chance the comments will veer sideways at some point. But to get into an argument about feral cats??

Out of the blue this woman starts making insulting comments about me on one of my feral cat posts. She’s righteously indignant that I don’t find “homes” for my feral cats. What a terrible person I am that I allow these poor cats to suffer like this when they should be indoors. So I go back and forth with this person. Explain that all 3 of my feral cats seem very happy and healthy living in the woods where they were born. And I patiently try to explain the difficulties involved with trying to domesticate feral cats. She plows on with more personal insults. Which I can NEVER resist responding to in kind. I have this sickness where it’s important to get in the last word. So now we’re hurling insults back and forth trying to one-up each other.

So it’s one of those Facebook exchanges where I post my comment. And I can see she’s immediately working on writing her response. And then I respond. And she responds. And the words are flying back and forth, fast and furious, as fast as I can peck out the letters on the keyboard of my cellphone.

Finally she explains the root of her outrage: “Why don’t you let your poor long-suffering feral cats move into your home with you like you said you would?” And then she goes on to say, “How would YOU like it if you were forced to live outdoors??” Even stranger, she keeps referring to me as “Larry” in her comments. Finally I realize this person is completely nuts, has no idea who I am, and is just blathering insults at me for her own delusional reasons. I check out her Facebook page and realize she’s not even a Facebook friend of mine. Just some unknown person out there in internet-land who started “following” me for some unknown reason.

So I block her ass. And that’s the end of that.

But I still feel like a fool for getting suckered into the whole waste of time. AGAIN!

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