Fred’s Market

My feral cats are so affectionate. It’s almost unbelievable to me. How sweet they are.

Of course they’re always affectionate when I first show up. They’re jumping for joy. Literally. Jumping all over me. Because they know I’m showing up with food to feed them.

But Fatty the black cat does this really cute thing. After I’ve fed her. And she has a full tummy full of food. I’ll get up and start walking back down the trail to leave. And Fatty will come running after me. And start rubbing against my ankles as I’m trying to walk down the trail (I have to be real careful I don’t step on her as she’s darting in between my legs). And she’ll jump right in front of me and stand there on the trail and make it difficult for me to walk by her. Like she’s trying to prevent me from leaving. Like she’s saying: “DON’T LEAVE ME!!”

Fatty still loves me even after she’s been fed.

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