The secret origin of my comic strip “Whatever I Feel Like Comix”

Back in 1984 I decided I wanted to do a daily comic strip. So I gave a lot of thought to what KIND of comic strip I wanted to do. And I experimented with a lot of different formats. And came up with a lot of different whacky cartoon characters that might be featured in the comic strip. To try to come up with some winning comic strip that would win over and delight all of the comic strip readers out there in America. And I really wracked my brains. Trying to come up with the next Charlie Brown. The next Garfield the cat. The next Michael Doonesbury.

But all my ideas sucked. They were so bad, I couldn’t even sustain my interest in drawing them. So I figured most comic strip readers wouldn’t be interested in reading them.

Finally, in despair, I gave up on trying to come up with a comic strip that anyone else would like. So I decided: “Fuck it. I’m just gonna do what I like.” And I came up with this idea for a comic strip: “Whatever I Feel Like Comix.” And the concept was: I would just sit down at my drawing board and draw whatever the hell I felt like drawing!

It was a seminal moment for me! And for the rest of my artistic career that would be my primary artistic inspiration. To just express whatever I was feeling. And just go with that.

And I ended up sleeping in the bushes with a bunch of feral cats and lived happily ever after.
The End

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