The Eucalyptus Grove

The Eucalyptus Grove on the Berkeley campus. I remember a couple of somewhat haunted acid trips here back in the ’90s.

It used to be a lot more densely vegetated back then. It was practically like a mini forest. And there were all sorts of spots where you could hole up and hide from the public, and even get away with camping overnight. And some of the tweakers would use it as a launching pad to get high. But I guess the University finally had enough of that sort of tomfoolery. So they chopped down some of the trees, and tore out a lot of the shrubs, brush and folliage. And now a cop car passing by on the road nearby has pretty much a clear view from one end of the grove to the other.


Yet another Everything Seems To Keep Getting Worse post from good ole Ace Backwords, in a seemingly never-ending series of them.

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