People seem to be nutting up lately

People seem to be nutting up a bit more than usual these days. Maybe it’s from the Covid thing — how that’s disrupted every aspect of normal life. This added pressure. Or maybe it’s something else. Or maybe human life is just nutty at its core. Who knows.

This is a little thing. But today I was walking down the sidewalk on this backstreet in Berkeley a couple blocks from Telegraph. And I’m walking on the far right side of the sidewalk. When this young man approaches me, walking towards me. He’s walking in the middle of the sidewalk. And as we start to get close, I figure he’ll move a little to HIS right. So we have some “social distance” between us as we pass.

Instead he does the exact opposite. He starts walking right AT me. At my side of the sidewalk. And he’s got he’s got his arms out, and his fists clenched at his side, like that posture when somebody is thinking of attacking you.

So I have to veer all the way around him and across to the far left side of the sidewalk, just to get around him as we pass, so he doesn’t ram right into me. And as we’re passing each other he says to me, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!!”

After I walk by him, I turn around over my shoulder, just to get a good look at him, in case he’s thinking of attacking me when my back’s turned. And he’s also looking back over his shoulder looking at me, glaring at me, like, “YOU WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OF IT, DUDE??”

As I walked off down the street, I wondered what this random bit of hostility was all about. Was it a “racial” thing — because he was a black guy and I was a white guy (there’s a lot of that going around these days)? Or was it just a random thing, just some unhappy person having a bad day? Or was he just one more nut, one more asshole, that are a part of this world of ours.

Who knows.

Best thing to do, though, is just keep walking. If you can.

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