Me and Scaredy Cat

Usually every New Years I do this thing where I look back fondly on The Year That Was. But 2020 was so crappy, I mostly just want to forget about the whole thing.

But I do have one favorite memory from year 2020. One night I was sitting at a dark secluded spot on the Berkeley campus drinking my beer, when this cat started meowing at me from off in the distance.. Which was weird. Finally after awhile the cat mustered the courage to approach me. It was Scaredy Cat! One of my feral cats born at my campsite, who hung out with me for several years, and then disappeared for a long time. And I always wondered what ever happened to her. And then on this night she suddenly showed up out of the blue at my late night drinking spot. How she recognized me in the first place, sitting in the darkness, after all that time we had been separated was pretty amazing. And it was a joyous reunion.

So I have at least one fond memory of year 2020.

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