Fatty the feral cat fights back

Fatty actually attacked Moo Cat this morning. First time I’ve seen that. Pretty spectacular fight. When they faced off, they both jumped a couple of feet straight up in the air, claws swinging, and making that high-pitched screeching sound that cats make when they’re pissed. But they’re both so quick, I don’t think they were able to land any blows.

After I managed to separate them by putting their food dishes in two separate places, they mostly settled down and ate in peace. And they had worked up a good appetite, too. Polished off a 13-ounce can of Beef cat food, a can of Vienna Sausages, some dry cat food, and cheese for desert.

In a way I was happy to see Fatty standing up for herself. She’s so timid, and gets so bullied by Mini Scaredy, for awhile I was afraid she was going to get run out of my campsite. . Fatty is a tough old girl.

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