A raincoat from my Mother

My Mother passed away a couple of days ago. On the very last day of year 2020. So how’s that for timing? End of the year. End of Mom. And she was 88 and had a good, long life. So no need to comment, “I’m so sorry for your loss, Ace,” and etc.

But I realized tonight I’m still wearing this rain jacket my mother sent me. It’s one of the few connections I still have with my mother. I never had much of a relationship with her over the years after I left her home for good when I was a teenager. But I still to this day have the rain jacket she gave me. I’m wearing it right now. So that’s something.

After my Mom divorced my Dad she married this rich guy. I never met him. But for awhile she was flush with cash. So even though we had no real relationship, every Christmas for awhile she would send me a nice Christmas present to my Berkeley P.O. box. Usually some nice clothes from the LL Bean catalogue. Usually I just wear any old cheap used clothes that I can buy at Good Will for 10 bucks. But every Christmas for awhile my Mom would upgrade my wardrobe with a couple of nice items.

This is a nice rain jacket. So thanks, Mom. Wherever your soul happens to be wandering at this point.

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