“The Bay Godawful” as Herb Caen used to call it

It was weird about the San Francisco BAY GUARDIAN. That thing was around for nearly 50 years. A circulation over 100,000. The thing was everywhere. Unavoidable. And yet when it finally went belly-up in 2014, I don’t remember hearing a single person say, “Boy I sure miss that BAY GUARDIAN!” Or even noticing it was gone. And I don’t remember reading a single piece where people reminisced about the heyday of the paper (that’s assuming it had one).

I dunno. Maybe I just ran in a different circle of people from the people that enjoyed the BAY GUARDIAN (that’s assuming there were such people out there). And I was a guy who generally liked publications. Read 2 or 3 newspapers every day, and every freebie weekly and monthly I could get my hands on.

But I always thought the BAY GUARDIAN was one of the most consistently mediocre and unreadable papers I had ever seen

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