Pink Cloud

I just ran into Pink Cloud.

“Hey Ace, who do you think is the healthiest street person on the Avenue?”
“Gee, I don’t know,” I said. “Why?”
“Somebody just stole ALL of my vitamins.”
“That’s weird. I’ve heard of street people stealing a lot of different things, but stealing vitamins is a new one. Maybe they thought they were drugs.”
“They stole all of my vitamin A. My vitamin B. My vitamin C. My vitamin D. . . “
“Well. If I happen to see a particularly vibrant street person walking around on the Ave, that’s probably your man.”

One of the odd things about Pink Cloud. That’s almost always his favorite conversational gambit. His latest tale of woe. He always just got robbed or ripped off or mistreated in some manner. But he always puts so much gusto into telling you all about it — and with a twinkle in his eye — you really feel he gets off on it in some way. Though I’m never actually sure about the psychological angle involved in the whole thing.

Pink Cloud.

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