Facebook friends

I had one Facebook friend who regularly posted comments telling me that I was “self-absorbed” and “self-centered.” For some reason it seemed to bother him. So he would regularly weigh in with this insight for my benefit. It was the only thing he ever commented about on my Facebook page. So it must have been significant to him in some way.

I have other Facebook friends who primarily comment on my Facebook page to tell me that I am wrong and they are right, on various issues of the day. That’s also pretty much the only thing they ever comment about on my Facebook posts. It’s apparently important to them to set the record straight on these things.

I have other Facebook friends who habitually like to “correct” me. Usually it’s a spelling error, or some nit-picking detail that I got wrong in one of my half-assed Facebook posts that I happened to spew off the top of my pointed little head.

Of course I appreciate it. That they take the time and trouble out of their busy schedule to try and elevate me and my thinking and my Facebook posts to their level of thinking.

(Though I should add. Every now and then I will post something really stupid and inaccurate and completely indefensible. And one of my Facebook friends will call me on that and correct me. And I’m grateful for that. Because I can delete my stupid post before I really embarrass myself.)

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