Brett and the Rare Man inside the Telegraph flower shop booth around 1992.

Brett was on the Telegraph scene for many years. Good-looking blonde hipster type. Often carried a conga drum that he would play at the lower Sproul drum circle. Wore sandals. Had a car. Seemed to have it all together. Then one day his mother died. Apparently he had been living with her all those years. And after she died he got evicted from the house where they had been living. Lost all of his stuff. And went nuts. Ended up homeless. Was living in doorways down on University Ave for several years.

Last I heard of him was a newspaper article in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2005 about a homeless woman who was murdered, stomped to death, in a doorway near where he crashed. I remember there was a photo of him in the article. Don’t know whatever happened to him after that. Just sort of disappeared. Brett.
— photo by B.N. Duncan

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