Thanksgiving on the streets

Sometimes this life can be feast-or-famine. Ya know? And even on the impoverished street scene we can sometimes get more feast than we bargained for.

I remember one Thanksgiving there must have been at least a dozen different charity groups that descended on the park over the course of the day bearing free Thanksgiving dinners. Turkey. Ham. Pumpkin pie. The works. One after another.

After awhile we would start to groan as yet another group hit the scene with even more food. “IN-COMING!! IN-COMING!!” we’d shout, to announce the arrival of the latest turkey bomb. By three in the afternoon we’re all rolling around on the grass, completely sated, our guts stuffed, unable to even LOOK at another morsel of food.

Then around 4 this guy pulls up to the park in a van. And announces to one and all in a real cheery voice: “I’VE GOT FREE TURKEY DINNERS, EVERYBODY!!!”




So he starts approaching the people in the park individually and proclaiming the good news. They all just sort of roll over on their sides and groan

So the guy trudges back to his van with his tail between his legs. Stands there by himself looking forlorn. … I start to feel sorry for the guy, so I walk up to him and say: “I’LL have a Thanksgiving dinner!”

He fills up a big plate of food for me. The entire back of his van is filled with big trays of food. I thank him profusely for the food (it’s the thought that counts). And make my exit. (I’ll feed the food to my feral cats later)

Sometimes you just can’t win. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!

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