The way to a cats heart is through her stomach

Sometimes I’m amazed at how affectionate my feral cats are. Fatty does this one thing that is really sweet. But it’s also a pain in the ass.

After eating her breakfast, Fatty likes to climb on top of my chest. So I can pet her for awhile. I’m the only creature — man or animal — that Fatty has any kind of relationship with. Other than me, she’s completely alone in this world. So I feel it’s important to give her some attention when she’s around. I’m all she’s got, after all.

But after awhile, I’ve got to get up and leave. I actually have a life. Sort of. But as I’m walking down the trail, Fatty will usually chase after me. And start rubbing against my ankles. And she’ll dart in front of me and make it very difficult for me to walk. I have to be very careful I don’t step on her. It’s like she’s saying: “DON’T LEAVE ME!! C’mon, you can hang out with me for a little bit longer!! PLEASE!!” It’s sweet of her. But it’s also a pain the ass. Because I have to leave.

So I’ll lie back down on the ground and pet her some more. But when I get up to leave again, she’ll get in front of me and block my path AGAIN. Make it difficult for me to leave.

So I’ll pet her some more. Finally, after going through this routine 2 or 3 more times, I realize the only way I’m going to be able to escape and get away from Fatty is by bribing her with some cheese.

So I’ll put a chunk of cheese down on the ground. And while Fatty is eating the cheese and is distracted, I’ll be able to make a mad dash down the trail and make my exit.

The moral to the story? Fatty may love me. But she loves cheese even more

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