Hairdryer Lady explains her position to the UC Police

Just had a weird scene with Hairdryer Lady. . . I’m sitting on the ground outside the Student Union Building charging my cellphone, when she suddenly appears before me. She’s wearing a black hoodie with MIND MATTER written in big white letters, and black tights, and nothing else. She proceeds to rant at me non-stop in this high-pitched frantic tone for ten minutes straight. She’s talking so fast I can’t make out what she’s saying, just some random words — “smell the covid”…. “I don’t even drink”… “go back to Europe”…. “Mexican immigrants” — but her tone is unmistakeably angry and accusatory. She’s angry that I have a cellphone. She’s angry that I’m eating french fries. She’s angry that I’m sitting there. I don’t say anything aside from “How ya doing,” and ocassionally nodding my head in agreement (that sometimes placates a lunatic). In between angrily pointing her finger at me, she’s got a 40 ounce glass bottle full of water and is watering some nearby plants, as well as pawing at the dirt with a big stick. I keep an eye on the bottle in case she decides to fling it at my head

Finally Hairdryer Lady leaves. Storms off in a huff. Ranting loudly as she goes. She stomps on over to the Golden Bear restaurant and starts haranguing the patrons trying to eat their lunch. Five cops show up and cautiously approach her and try to reason with her (good luck with that). She starts shouting at the cops and accusing them of various evil misdeeds.

She stalks off to her campsite on Lower Plaza where she’s been living for the last month. She has her blankets and piles of crap dumped everywhere, as well as her omnipresent hairdryer plugged into the outlet, humming away. The cops slowly follow her from a distance. Confer with each other for awhile. And then they turn and walk off.

It’s amazing. This raving lunatic is LIVING right in the middle of one of the most prestigious campuses in the country. And apparently the cops aren’t gonna do a damn thing about it.

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