The many moods of Moo Cat

Moo Cat has the widest emotional range of all my cats.

When I first show up, she’s jumping for joy to see me (literally), lunging at my legs and rubbing against my ankles as I’m walking.

Then, as I’m trying to prepare her food, she gets anxious and agitated and overly excited. Like: “WHAT’S TAKING YOU SO LONG, YOU DOLT?? CAN’T YOU SEE I’M STARVING HERE!!” And she’s liable to slash at my hands with her claws (and she can draw blood if I’m not careful).

Then, when I finally start to plop the cat food into the dish, she dives into the food with a gluttonous vengeance. Like: “I’M SAVED!! FOOD AT LAST!! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, FOOD AT LAST!!” (I have to be careful I don’t plop any food on her head as she darts in between me and the dish).

Then, after sating herself with the first rush of food, she trots over to me with a suspicious look on her face, like, “Yeah, that was good. But where’s the cheese? I know you’re holding out on me. Make with the cheese. Is it in your pack? Is it in your pocket. Kick down for a bro, dude!!”

And then finally, after eating her cheese, she plops down on my chest with a contented grin on her face (see photo) like, “Satisfaction at last!! You’re all right, dude. Don’t let nobody tell you different.”

Ha ha. Moo Cat

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