My admittedly strange fascination with Phil Spector

They were discussing Phil Spector on this Beatles FB group page. I added a couple of Spector stories.

Most of Phil Spector’s friends weren’t surprised that he shot and killed somebody. They were more surprised that he had made it that long without shooting and killing somebody.
They used to say: “Phil Spector is the only person who has a body guard to protect other people from him.”

Spector’s father committed suicide when he was 9. On his tombstone was written: “To know him was to love him.” Spector would use that as the title of the first hit song he wrote in 1958 at age 17.

Spector accompanied the Beatles on their plane ride to America in 1964 for their first tour. Spector had such a great fear of flying that he paced up and down the aisle for the entire trip. To which Ringo quipped, “Phil is the only person to walk across the Atlantic.”

John Lennon was a huge fan of Spector’s Wall of Sound records. And he was the driving force at bringing in Spector to work on the “Let it Be” album. To which George Martin quipped: “Produced by George Martin. Over-produced by Phil Spector.”

During his Lost Weekend period Lennon went violently berserk one night on drugs and alcohol and got into a physical altercation with Spector and his bodyguard. They ended up restraining Lennon by tying him down to his bed. . . The next day Spector came to the studio with his face battered with bruises and welts. When Lennon saw him he spent a long time apologizing and prostrating himself to Spector. Until Spector finally told him he had went to a Hollywood make-up artist and had his face done up for a joke. Ha ha.

Sonny Bono got his start in the music business working as a go-fer for Spector. And he studied how Spector got his Wall of Sound in the recording studio (you can hear some of the Spector influence on the instrumentation of “I Got You Babe”). Spector once called up Bono in the middle of the night, woke him up from a sound sleep at 3 in the morning, and asked him if he’d join him for cole slaw at this all-night deli. So Bono got dressed and joined him. Spector sat there glumly with his cole slaw, which he never touched, and never said a word to Bono the whole time.

Spector went to his high school reunion, I forget what year, I think his 30th. Spector spent the whole night sitting by himself at a table in the very back, nursing his drinks, and he didn’t say a word to another person the whole time.

I have an odd fascination with Phil Spector. And I’ll regularly Google “Phil Spector prison life.” But almost nothing ever comes up. From what I’ve read, he’s in poor health, has lost the ability to speak, and mostly just lies in bed all day. He has no family or friends, and his only contact with the outside world is with his lawyer. . . He’ll be eligible for parole in 2025 when he’s 86.

One thought on “My admittedly strange fascination with Phil Spector

  1. I’m the one who started the conversation on John Lennon fb site lol
    Definitely be watching the film with Al Pacino playing him.


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