I lost on Jeopardy, baby

Back when Hameed owned the liquor store on the corner, whenever he was working the cash register in the evenings, he’d always have Jeopardy playing on the TV set behind him. So I’d always be watching bits of Jeopardy while I was waiting on line to buy my beer. . . I could almost never come up with any of the answers. Unless it happened to be a very specific subject that my mind was well versed in (“Olde English 800 knowledge for $200, Alex.”).

I think that’s just one of the shortcomings of how my mind and my memory works. I’m not really good at retaining specific details. . . But I like to think my mind is stronger when it comes to clearly seeing the bigger picture.

Conversely, I’ve known people who’s minds were really good at the details, but not so good at putting the details into a proper perspective, of “seeing the forest for the trees.”

Everyone’s mind works differently, I guess. . . RIP Alex Trebek.

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