Donald J. Trump

I know some of you are gleefully stomping on Donald Trump. And that’s fine. You hate him. You think he’s a fascist nazi white supremacist (as well as a vulgar, narcissistic asshole). And you’ve been waiting four years for the prick to finally get his comeuppance. And now he’s finally got it. “YOU LOSER!! YOU LOST!! YOU’RE HUMILIATED!! YOU’RE SUFFERING AND I’M ENJOYING IT!! EAT DIRT!! YOU’RE GOING TO JAIL!! YOUR FACE IS ORANGE!! YOUR WIFE SECRETLY HATES YOU!! DIE PIG DIE!! and etc.

On the other hand. The guy came out of nowhere to win the presidency. Only something like 45 people in American history have ever accomplished this goal. The first non-politician since Eisenhower to become president. Who somehow garnered his support from a “populist” up-rising from middle America — completely separate from the status quo — the DC elite, the media elite, etc. — that usually elects our politicians.

Now we got the great Joe Biden as our leader. So things should be going back to normal.

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