Weird dream (aren’t they all?)

Last night I dreamed Ive been storing all my stuff, all of my possessions, in this large garage of this house. When I go in the garage to check on my stuff, I’m surprised to find two guys in there, looking around for stuff to steal. I angrily run them out of the garage. At one point one of them threatens to get into a fistfight with me. But I’m like, “Just get out of my face, dude!”

When I go back into my garage I’m surprised to find that they had actually stolen quite a bit of my stuff. So I run down the street to try and catch up with them so I can get my stuff back. They’re milling about in a parking lot by their truck and a bunch of their friends — who are big, menacing gang-banger. So I realize I’m in the middle of a heavy scene. All my stuff is strewn on the ground, mixed together with other stuff, and they’re getting ready to haul it all away in their truck. Most of it is just practical stuff like my rainjacket and winter boots. But I also spot a big stack the original art of my Twisted Image comic strip, which is irreplaceable. I confront the guy again. And he wants to fight me again. But I say:

“Listen, all I want is my stuff back. Most of it doesn’t have any value to you but it has a lot of personal value to me. I’ll give you $10 if you let me get my stuff back.”

He says: “$20.”

I says: $15.”

He says: “Deal.”

So now I’m rushing around collecting all my stuff and stuffing it into a duffle bag. When I fill one bag I ask my friend Mike, who’s been hanging around, if he’ll watch my bag while I collect a second bag. When that bag is full I ask my friend Hoodie to watch it while I fill up a third bag. When I’m finally done, I go off to the side to discreetly pull out a wade of cash in my pocket to get the $15 to pay the guy. But when I look up, the guys are gone. All the other guys are gone, too, as well as the truck and all the stuff.

I go rushing back in the direction of my house. I’m desperately hoping that Mike and Hoodie took my bags of stuff back to my garage and the stuff is safe. It’s a long, arderous journey back to my house, all uphill, and I keep getting lost and taking wrong turns and getting farther off course. I’m getting more and more frantic and exhausted as I try to figure out a solution to this dilemma.

Then i wake up. And with a great sense of relief I realize the problem is resolved, it was all just a dream and my struggles are over.

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