My feral cats are almost always thrilled to see me whenever I show up which is an ego trip

One of the really endearing things about my feral cats: Whenever I show up they are just THRILLED to see me!! As I’m walking towards them they immediately start jumping up and down on my legs and rubbing against my ankles. They don’t have any of the haughtiness or coyness that housecats are famous for. They are like: “IT IS HIM!! THE GREAT ONE!! HE HAS COME!! HALLELUJAH!! HALLELUJAH!!” Ha ha. They are all in.

And I think it’s because — unlike with housecats and their owners — my feral cats never know if, or when, I’m going to show up. So they don’t take me for granted. So when I do show up, it’s a big deal.

Also, too, my feral cats are all loners. With a “them against the world” attitude. Aside from me. I am the only creature in this world that they have a relationship with. And is supportive of them. The entire rest of the world is either indifferent or downright hostile towards them.

So I am central to their lives. Somebody who has been there with them, from when they were first born, from their first memories. They probably have a hard time imagining a world without me.

I mean to put it in perspective. Whenever I show up on other scenes. Not involving my feral cats. People don’t jump up and down in happiness and joy when I approach them. They rarely exclaim: “It is YOU!! ACE BACKWORDS!! You have come at last and graced us with your PRESENCE!!”

It’s usually more like: “Oh. It’s him again.”

So its endearing when my feral cats greet me with love (for lack of a better word).

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